About Modern Homestead

Our Story

At Modern Homestead, our origins began with Evan and Janna, two visionaries who embarked on the path to create their own sustainable haven. Inspired by the challenges and rewards of establishing their Modern Homestead, as well as the experts they met along the way, they envisioned a company that could guide others and offer solutions on this transformative journey. From cultivating a regenerative lifestyle to achieving self-sufficiency, Evan and Janna's experience became the foundation of Modern Homestead.


To educate, equip, and empower humanity's shift to a regenerative & self-sufficient standard of living.


A thriving society that lives in synergy with the natural world.

Evan DeMarco

Chief Executive Officer

Evan DeMarco is a leading sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker, and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms. After becoming a father, Evan focused his attention on leaving the world a better place for his daughter and future generations. As a leader in the Regenerative Agriculture space, he is committed to creating a thriving ecosystem and supporting domestic food production through regenerative agriculture. His books, TV shows, and podcasts have been viewed by millions across the globe and are the cornerstone of his mission to educate and inspire healthier people for a healthier planet.

Janna Breslin

Chief Storyteller

Janna Breslin is a fitness cover model, health coach, and nutrition expert from Southern California. She reaches millions of people weekly in hopes to educate and inspire healthier people and a healthier planet. Over the course of her career, Janna has been crowned Bikini Champion on six occasions, along with being on the cover of many renowned fitness magazines. She is a former pharmaceutical rep representative who found alternative medicine to be healing for her after a cancer diagnosis. After reclaiming her health back, Janna became inspired to dedicate her life towards helping others achieve optimal health and well being.


Our Team

Discover a team of dedicated individuals at Modern Homestead, where expertise meets passion. Our team consists of certified permaculture designers, homesteading experts, construction innovators, and sustainable living enthusiasts, all sharing a commitment to guiding you toward a regenerative and self-sufficient lifestyle.

United by a passion for elevating the standard of living, we bring a diverse range of skills and knowledge to empower you on your modern homesteading journey.


Michael Hoffman

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Hoffman is an experienced homesteader, entrepreneur, and seasoned business leader with a history of operational excellence. He has years of practical experience homesteading in some of the harshest climates, including years in the high and dry deserts of New Mexico and extreme mountains of Montana raising his family off-grid. Michael has professionally overseen teams helping homesteaders in all 50 states and 54 countries, personally designed homesteads across the US, and is Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition. His mission in life is to be a bridge to help all reconnect with the natural world and live in synergy with nature.


Charles Lawson

Director of Design

Charles J. Lawson is a landscape designer, permaculture educator, and homesteader. With a passion for reading the Book of Nature, he lends a thoughtful respect for the land and ecosystem to create amazing human experiences. Ranging from residential edible, ornamental, and medicinal gardens to large-scale permaculture and agroforestry farms, his work is always committed to feeding people and the environment. They can be seen in several countries and throughout the United States. For the past decade he has dedicated himself to building soil, helping people grow food and native plants, and doing the same on his 7-acre homestead in southern Virginia.


Chandler Jerrico

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Chandler Jerrico leverages over a decade in the food industry, two impactful decades in health and wellness, and recent deep dives into regenerative agriculture to excel in his role. His expertise spans business development, team empowerment, and forging impactful collaborations. Dedicated to transformative change, Chandler passionately contributes to our mission for a sustainable future. His extensive background uniquely positions him to cultivate partnerships that align with our values and drive positive global impact. This commitment to meaningful connections shapes our journey toward a sustainable and regenerative world.


Jasmine Russell

Producer of The Modern Homestead Podcast

Jasmine Russell, the force behind the Modern Homestead Podcast, blends her roles as a Functional Nutrition Coach and advocate for holistic wellness. With hands-on experience in regenerative agriculture and a commitment to positive change, Jasmine curates insightful content by interacting with experts. Her life experiences infuse the podcast with engaging subject matter, making each episode a dynamic exploration of sustainable living. As the producer, she orchestrates the entire process, ensuring the podcast resonates with our audience, reflecting our commitment to a greener future.


Angel Ruiz Contreras

Innovative Technology Advisor

Angel Ruiz Contreras, leverages a rich entrepreneurial background to secure cutting-edge technologies for Modern Homestead. With a Bachelor's degree in Administration and Management, specializing in Marketing, and an Executive Master's in Business Economics and Management, he brings a strategic vision to our team. Angel's leadership reflects his commitment to innovation, including overseeing departments, negotiating, and launching marketing strategies. Passionate about skiing, cycling, and running, Angel combines business acumen with a dedication to sustainable, high-performance solutions across our pillars.


Jeremy Bagwill

Sustainable Construction Advisor

Jeremy Bagwill, our Sustainable Construction Advisor, is reshaping the construction landscape. Boasting a rich family history in contracting and over 30 years of expertise, he's a seasoned innovator in product development, multi-family development, and sustainable structural systems design. Jeremy's commitment to wellness, fueled by his passion for athletics, transcends into construction, aiming to revolutionize the industry. His mission is clear – elevate the standards of healthy building methods in the U.S. by seamlessly integrating natural materials and cutting-edge technology. With a track record of innovation, Jeremy envisions a future where sustainable practices define the construction norm.


Evan Folds

Lead Soil Health Consultant & Advisor

Evan Folds, our Lead Soil Health Consultant & Advisor, is a living soil agronomist,ecological entrepreneur, and regenerative business strategist. Founder of Progressive Gardens in 2002, Evan has over 14 years of expertise in hydroponic and organic gardening. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner, he pioneered vortex-style compost tea brewing, co-founded Progressive Farms, and distributed Microbe Maker systems nationwide. In 2018, Evan founded Be Agriculture, aligning with regenerative agriculture. Actively contributing to Modern Homestead, Evan engages in national projects, holds a Biology degree from UNC Wilmington, and is a father, elected official, spiritual scientist, and published writer.


Alfonso Santa

Architectural & Engineering Advisor

Bio and Headshot coming soon...