Modern Homestead’s SUBER™ Architectural Coating

Challenges We Solve

Modern buildings face daunting challenges – rising energy costs, inadequate insulation, water damage, and the constant battle against mold and pests. Modern Homestead’s SUBER™ Architectural Coating is the solution, addressing these issues head-on and transforming your building into a haven of efficiency and durability.


Embark on a transformative journey for your building with Suber™, the revolutionary exterior cork spray. Uncover a coating system that not only enhances energy efficiency but also provides superior waterproofing, sealant, thermal, and acoustic insulation.

What is Suber™?

Dive into the world of Suber™ by Modern Homestead, a patented architectural coating system crafted from high-grade raw cork and a proprietary highly adhesive water-based acrylic resin. Explore its insulative, UV-resistant, and water-vapor transmitting properties.

Unleashing the Power of Cork


Increase energy efficiency by up to 20%


Superior thermal and acoustic insulation


Unmatched waterproofing and sealant properties


UV resistant and impervious to wind-driven rain


Deterrent to insects, mold, and mildew


100% renewable natural resource


How it works

  • Minimal surface preparation
  • Spray application recommended
  • Drying time: 8 to 48 hours
  • Suitable for various substrates
  • Application temperature: 38° to 86°F


  • Available formulations: Standard, High-Traffic, Waterproof, Fireproof
  • Low VOC content, formaldehyde-free
  • Negative carbon footprint, 100% recyclable
  • LEED credit eligibility

Proven Results

Extensively tested in European and US labs.

Over 14 years of field use.

Acoustical impact and fire resistance results available

Key performance indicators (e.g., thermal conductance, adhesion)

"FANTASTIC - nothing wants to attach itself to this film, indicating its unique natural resistance properties to the elements!"

—Walter Poff, Former NACE President

"We experienced substantial noise and energy costs reductions in our own facilities after coating with Suber™!"

—Jeff Greenacre, CEO Greenacre Properties

"Suber™ transformed our old building into an energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing space. A game-changer!"

—Sarah Thompson, Project Manager

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Recent Projects, Success Stories, Industry Recognition, and Partnerships

    Recent Projects:

    Suber™ used in the renovation of a historic 1913 home in Tampa, FL.

    Success Stories:

    Leading roofing company selects Seal Away as a coating for poly foam.

    Industry Recognition:

    Suber™ passes criteria for ICC AC59 & AC212.

    Ready to Transform Your Building?

    Book a call with our experts to discuss how Suber™ by Modern Homestead can benefit your project. Take the first step toward a more energy-efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing building.

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